From the moment I first heard the warm and glittering sounds that open this entry, I knew I was in for a treat... Moen has remarkable control over her voice that reflects the emotional candor in her lyrics. In ‘Headgear,’ she showcases both strength and vulnerability, reminding us that these traits often go hand in hand.
— NPR Music
Featuring swampy electric guitars and stunning soulful vocals, ‘Headgear’ is an empowering anthem of resilience in the face of mental health challenges.
— Earmilk
Elizabeth Moen is one of those rare artists whose voice, from the first moment you hear it, consumes your entire being, doing away with all previous thoughts and concerns, and leaving you short of breath.
— The Culture Trip
Elizabeth Moen - The Real Deal
Armed with a jaw-dropping singing voice, tasteful guitar playing, and songs that stay in your head for days, Elizabeth Moen is one of Iowa’s rising talents. Since her self-titled debut release in January, Liz has been quick to develop a statewide following.
— Iowa Public Radio (NPR)
Lilting with flavor yet strong as espresso, Moen’s voice is one of passion and heartache. I was cut to the bone by moments of levity on the heels of affective intensity. ‘A Million Miles Away’ achieves a more mature sound while keeping a taste of youthful woe, worn like a badge of sentimentality. No one feels pain like the young. And no one creates a feeling within their music like Moen.
— Little Village
The kind of live show you could dance and move to even if you didn’t know a lick of lyrics...the Iowa native is one to watch out for on the road.
— Paste Magazine "20 Best Daytrotter Sessions of 2018"